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How To Add Online Appointment Requests To Your Google My Business Profile

Patients can now request an appointment through your practices Google My Business profile.

This is important because Google is taking into consideration the completeness of your practices Google My Business profile as a way to continue to refine search ranking position.

They will continue to groom their algorithm to reward business that participate the most with their customers through their products. This also means that you remove a barrier of friction when it comes to a patient who would like to make an appointment with your practice direct from Google, and no longer has to find this on your website.

Here is an instructional video on adding this for your practice, along with 7 step by step instructions.

How to Add Online Appointment Functionality to Google My Business Video

How to make an appointment on google my business

7 Step By Step Instructions to add Appointment Requests to your Google My Business Profile

1. Open Chrome.Chrome Browser Button
2. Sign into your Google Account. Chrome Sign in
(Using Your Gmail Address And Password)

Chrome SIgn in Screen








3. Click the Google Apps square.Chrome Google Apps Square
(Click “More” if the “My Business” Icon isn’t showing up)

Chrome More Google Apps




4. Click “My Business.”

 Chrome Google My Business
(You are now logged into your Google My Business Account)

5.  On the Left hand menu click “Info.”      

  Google My Business Info

(Locate the Website Icon) 

Google My Business Website



6. Scroll Down to Appointment URL and Click “Add URL.”            

 Google My Business Appointment URL

(Enter the URL of the page on your website that allows patients to make an appointment where it says “Appointment URL”)

Google My Business Add Appointment URL









7. Click “APPLY

You have now added Google’s newest feature to your Google My Business practice listing. Note that it can take up to 3 days for Google to approve any edits made to your profile, so make sure the website link to your make an appointment page is accurate!

Google My Business Pending Review

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