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Your Practice Marketing. Your Problem Solved.




It’s why your patients come to see you. It’s why you’re here to see us.

You can’t do everything alone and in the competitive field of healthcare. Running a private practice by yourself can be daunting, if not impossible.

You’re managing staff, payroll, billing, relationships with insurance companies, appointments, and now patients are posting comments about you and your practice online – Hold on, when did that become part of the equation?

Today, it’s simply not enough to practice great medicine.

You have to also have great practice marketing. That’s where InboundMD can help you.

InboundMD gives you complete marketing solution, powered by an expert marketing team that consistently drives your practice’s growth.


In the past your practice may have been able to rely on a Yellow Pages listing, a steady stream of referrals and everyone’s favorite, word of mouth.

Today, patients no longer take a straight path to your office. They head online.

If you’ve noticed that you’re losing patients to the internet, local competitors and larger practices, it’s time to take your marketing to the next level.

Now, you probably don’t have the time to properly promote yourself. Heck, you probably didn’t expect that’d have to know so much about running a business on top of your extensive medical training. And that’s okay.

Let us work on fixing your website, repairing your online reputation, and getting your patients engaging with you on social media.

We’ll leave the stitching up, fixing broken bones, cleaning teeth, and getting patients back to health, to you.


Garrett Smith

Founder, CEO

Garrett brings almost two decades of entrepreneurial and internet marketing experience to InboundMD. He is a leading authority on modern practice marketing, sought after by the nation’s leading providers, and emerging digital health startups.

Garrett is the author of Book Now! Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices, and a frequent speaker at colleges, universities, and industry conferences. He is also a Google Analytics and Google Search Marketing Certified Professional.

Arthur Miller

Customer Success

Arthur brings over a decade of experience in ecommerce and internet marketing to every InboundMD customer. He’s lead practice marketing efforts for dozen of private practices, generating millions of website visits, and thousands of patient appointments.

Arthur is a passionate marketer, and active educator, frequently contributing to industry publications on the topics of SEO, and search engine marketing. He is proud to be a Google Analytics and Google Search Marketing Certified Professional.

Nancy Roque


Nancy leads the non-stop creative execution and campaign operations at InboundMD. A rising star, she brings over five years of internet marketing agency management experience to every customer, helping to ensure on-time delivery and outstanding results.

Nancy is an avid writer, having authored The Rise of Fake Patient Reviews, and over 100 articles on internet marketing for private practices. She’s a long time Google Analytics and Google Search Marketing Certified Professional.

Jeff Quinn

Business Development

Jeff is responsible for business development and online promotions at InboundMD. He has spent his entire career in ecommerce, and internet marketing, successfully helping customers in a number of verticals.

Jeff is frequently seen championing  InboundMD, and great practice marketing, across the most popular websites on the internet. He is, of course, a Google Analytics and Google Search Marketing Certified Professional.

Alex Beloglazov

Software Engineer

Alex leads the development of marketing software and solutions offered by InboundMD. He brings a decade of experience in backend development, and is passionate about creating easy to use, reliable, software.

Alex has lead the successful development and launch of a number of large scale web engineering projects. Alex holds two degrees, one in computer science, and one in information technology.

Angus Lam

Software Engineer

Angus leads the front end development of marketing software and systems used at InboundMD. He brings over five years of experience in front end development and is passionate about creating well designed software.

Angus is a fan of early stage software development, having already worked for a number of top venture backed software startups. Oh, and he has the best sense of style on the team.



The primary goal is to help you attract new patients. We do that in a variety of ways that can be summed up by simply saying – we help you rank higher than your competitors for local healthcare related searches.

We’ll help you grow your practice by providing you with a powerful online presence that evolves with the constantly changing internet landscape.

We focus on proven inbound marketing techniques to put you in front of potential patients.

Remember, if you’re not where your patients are looking, they’ll go somewhere else.


Our service doesn’t end with getting new patients in the door.

What they do after their visit is just as important. Especially when it comes to promoting the great care they just received.

We’ll help enhance your presence on over 100 online websites that have a profile of you and the practice. These are websites that millions of patient’s use each and every year to make health provider decisions.

We make sure that you look great and are consistently generating positive reviews from your patients, quickly alerting you if there’s a negative reviews.


Healthcare is the #1 content topic online. No wonder so many patients walk into your office citing WebMD!

We help you select the right topics, speak in the right voice and promote your account across your social channels.

Think about the basis of social media – people are sharing information, all the time.

With InboundMD, you’ll always have fresh, educational and informational content on your blog and social media profiles.

Standout with content and messaging that differentiates your practice and makes you the only choice for patients.


Healthcare practices using InboundMD increase website traffic over 100%, search engine rankings by 200%, and have proven results from clients that experience over a 500% Return on Investment.


“The team at InboundMD is always striving to improve my practice’s marketing and proactively enhance existing efforts to maximize our results. They’ve truly become a trusted member of our team, one that I can count on to deliver consistent, predictable results time and time again. If you asked them, they’d probably say they’re lucky to have us. If you ask me, I’d say we’re lucky to have them.” – Dr. Richard Weinstein

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