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The Challenge

Dr. Brian Zelasko, DC, CSCS, is the Clinical Director of Zelasko Soft Tissue and Spine, the Team Chiropractor of the Buffalo Bills and has been serving the Western New York area for almost a decade.

As a progressive expert in the areas of spine, lower extremity, upper extremity and nerve entrapment, Dr. Zelasko had maintained a website and social media presence, but as his schedule filled, he found it difficult to keep up.

He also realized he needed to make changes to his online brand in order to differentiate his practice and build a more predictable stream of new patients from his online efforts.  

In 2014, Dr. Zelasko appraised his practice’s online brand presence and came to several disappointing realizations:

  • His website was outdated, difficult to manage and did not reflect his brand’s identity.
  • His digital service vendor was unresponsive, and sluggish with necessary updates.
  • Zelasko Soft Tissue and Spine’s search engine visibility was mediocre, at best.
  • He had lacked the ability to create and share educational blog posts with his patients.
  • He had inconsistent results!

After this online audit of his practice, Dr. Zelasko decided he needed to find a new partner – one who could meet his brand expectations, augment his search visibility and deliver quantifiable results.


The Solution

An extensive search brought Dr. Zelasko to InboundMD, Inbound Medical Marketing Service for the modern practitioner.  InboundMD was able to quickly diagnose the problems with Zelasko Soft Tissue and Spine, and developed a comprehensive game plan to revamp its online presence, including:     

  • Website overhaul [modern and responsive design]
  • Search visibility [local SEO, online directories, Google AdWords, blogging, review solicitation]
  • Reimagined branding and inbound marketing [social media, email marketing, reputation management, content calendars]
  • Dedicated practice marketer [direct account management from an inbound medical marketing professional]

InboundMD’s integrative approach to boosting Dr. Zelasko’s web traffic, leads, rankings and reviews began with a complete refurbishing of his website. A modern, clean and responsive design attune with Dr. Zelasko’s desired brand identity was implemented to serve as the hub for his future online marketing initiatives.

Next came infusing the site with SEO, populating online directories, leveraging influential Google AdWords campaigns, facilitating blog creation/deployment and conducting patient review outreach.

The final pieces included collaborative branding and integrative marketing campaigns designed to align Dr. Zelasko’s vision with the actual content used in his social media and email marketing.   

Dr. Zelasko was able to rely on his dedicated practice marketer every step of the way to keep him up-to-date on progress and incorporate any necessary changes to meet expectations!


The Results

The InboundMD practice growth platform was to put to for work Dr. Zelasko and delivered results. In addition to his new online brand, Dr. Zelasko was able to achieve the following results with InboundMD:

  • 26,612 – The number of views Dr. Zelasko’s Google+ profile received in 2015
  • 10,798 – The number of pageviews Zelasko Soft Tissue and Spine received in 2015
  • 346 – The number of targeted keywords for which Dr. Zelasko ranks on the first page of results
  • 200 – The number of local, online directories Dr. Zelasko appears on
  • 166 – The number of targeted keywords for which Dr. Zelasko ranks first in search results
  • 50 – The number of doctor-specific websites and directories Dr. Zelasko appears on
  • 0 – The number of targeted keywords Dr. Zelasko was on the top page of results for, prior to InboundMD

InboundMD has helped Dr. Zelasko become one of the most recognizable chiropractors in the Western New York area, generating thousands of web page views, populating at the top of target keyword search results and, most importantly, being able to serve more patients with the best chiropractic care in the area.   


I knew that online marketing for my medical practice was important to connect with today’s tech savvy patients. But my website wasn’t ranking highly and I was losing patients to competitors.

When I discovered InboundMD I was looking for a digital partner that would optimize my website for visitors and search engines, increase my viability on social media, and help me provide valuable online resources like FAQ’s, blog posts, and health related news.

InboundMD gave me Tyler, my own dedicated marketer, and in less than six months he helped me create a unique voice for my brand that allowed me to stand apart from other chiropractors in Western New York.

When Zelasko Soft Tissue & Spine became the most progressive chiropractic practice in WNY, I was thrilled. However, Tyler wasn’t satisfied- he continually offers new strategies to grow my practice and attract new patients.

When you need an online presence that matches the pride you take in your private practice, I highly recommend that you call InboundMD.” – Dr. Brian A. Zelasko

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