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The Challenge
Serving patients in the Trumbull, CT area and beyond for over 13 years, Park Avenue Fertility’s founder, Dr. Levi, had one goal: to help as many families and individuals grow their family as possible. Though every case is different, Park Avenue have differentiated themselves by taking a one-doctor-one-patient approach and by using all the latest technology to get the best results possible.

Over the years, they struggled with their online marketing efforts, hampered by an outdated site, low search rankings, and a lack of new patient appointments that didn’t match the high-level of fertility services they offer to patients.

Despite being known for having above average birth rates, and providing personal and empathetic care to each and every patient, Park Avenue Fertility was stuck at a digital standstill.

Feeling like the online presence of the practice needed a change, Dr. Levi contacted the team at InboundMD to work some magic and make sure that people searching for information about infertility found their practice.

The Solution
Through the years, InboundMD has worked with many distinguished medical teams to ensure that the offline reality of their practice is reflected online. Using the tools, strategies, and skills that have transformed other medical practice’s online presence, InboundMD got to work.

Dr. Levi and his team shared their goals of not only garnering new patients, but reaching a wider audience with educational information. Working with underserved communities, such as single women looking to have children and members of the LGBTQ+ community, was also at the top of their list of goals.

To get the project off the ground, InboundMD harnessed their knowledge from over a decade of work to make the following happen:

  • In-depth audit and bench of current online presence and marketing performance
  • Creation of a brand-new website optimized for patients and search engines
  • Updating of major online profiles across online business and doctor directories
  • Strategy and execution of ongoing SEO campaigns to increase rankings
  • Development and optimization of social media advertising campaigns
  • Development and optimization of Google Adwords campaigns
  • Ongoing patient and public relations campaigns to capture the success the practice is generating for their clients

Through these efforts, which are still on-going and shifting to get the best results, InboundMD was able to turn Park Avenue Fertility’s brand around so that their excellent services were properly represented online.

The Results
As a result of working with InboundMD, Park Avenue Fertility was able to generate outstanding results from their newly revamped online marketing efforts.

  • Search traffic: Increased 110% YoY
  • Social traffic: Increased 339% YoY
  • Top 10 KW Rankings: 881 total (up 203% YoY)
  • New Appointment Requests: approx. 36 per month (up 227% YoY)

With their efforts continuing, and ongoing, Park Avenue Fertility is poised to improve its results from online marketing for the foreseeable future.

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