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Spammy Vs Savvy; Make Your Social Media Content Valuable To Your Audience

Why It Is Important to Have Social Media Content

According to a study by Statista, 81% of americans have a Facebook profile. I would say that’s reason enough to be on a platform with 8 out of 10 Americans is on. There are also other social media platforms that are filled with different types of people looking for different types of content.

  • Twitter is largely a news resource talking about breaking news or events.
  • Instagram is a solely visual platform that allows users to post pictures and videos to their own feed. It also recently introduced “stories” as an sharing option for its users.
  • LinkedIn is a popular all-business social platform. This site is filled with business professionals talking about aspects of business respective to their field.

Make Sure Your Content on Social Media Is Right for Your Audience

The above statement rings true for all content you’re creating. When creating your content you need to keep the target audience in mind and make sure this is something they will value. When looking for ideas you need to reach out to your customers, listen to what is being said on your online reviews, and even look at your competitors.

What is Considered Spammy Social Content

Posting the Same Thing Every Day
I see so many users fall into a rut of not keeping their posts fresh for the user. Over and over again, we see the same type of content about a certain product or promoting another blog post.

Consistently Using Ads for Discounts, Specials, Limited Time Offers
I understand you need to promote your business with your followers and it is okay to be doing this sometimes. However, you do need to vary your posts and put up things that are helpful and educational. Not every single posts needs to bring someone to your site to purchase.

What is Valuable Social Content

Some of the best social media accounts are out there engaging with the community. They are commenting on others posts, re-sharing others content, following other users, and liking comments left on their profile. It’s a social community and not just an advertising platform. Make sure you’re being “social”!

Make sure your posts and updates never become stale. Have a good mix of longer and shorter posts, pictures only, videos, serious posts, funny posts, etc. There are so many options of what to put out there. Take advantage of all that each platform has to offer. Make mistakes and be genuine. It will increase your followers over time!

Use All Social Media Platforms to Spread Your Content

Don’t limit yourself to certain platforms. Take advantage of all that is out there for you since it is FREE to sign up! Now, as you progress you may find your target audience is mostly on one or two social media platforms. Then I would suggest to spend more time on those, but you still don’t forget about them.

I would suggest to be on these (4) platforms at minimum:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Each of these platforms will have different types of audiences. Make sure you are varying your content throughout all platforms to make sure the messaging is correct!

Educate & Engage

Social media content is really all about educating and engaging. No one wants to be sold right away on products, they want to be guided down the path. Make sure you’re the one guiding them and providing useful tidbits and insights along the way.

Let me know about your social media content that has seen success in your business!

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