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What Should Healthcare Providers Post On Their Facebook Page?

You’d be amazed how often we get this question from the doctors and other medical professionals we help.

Then again, you’ve probably asked yourself the same question more than once. You know that posting to social media accounts, and to Facebook specifically, is a great way to attract new patients, keep in touch with existing ones, and grow your medical practice.

After all, patients are flocking to Facebook to seek healthcare information and advice from friends, family, and providers. And amazingly enough, those patients trust doctors more than anyone else. Imagine that—years of education, training, and practice really do mean something to the crowd of patients who could be reading your Facebook page!

Of course, that means you need a Facebook page worth reading. When patients ask Facebook friends for healthcare recommendations and referrals, they’re going to get links to numerous dentist, doctor, and other healthcare professional’s pages in response.

If you want your page to capture their attention and convince them to call your office, you need to give them the info they want in an eye-catching, engaging way that fits the Facebook style.

Here’s how.

To Patients, A Picture is Worth A Thousand Referrals

Images are king on social media.

According to one study, posts with images get 94% more views than posts without, and written content that includes colorful images is 80% more likely to be read.

Every post you put on Facebook should include an image, whether it’s an original photograph, a photo you have a license to use or that is free to use, a cartoon, or even a colorful (and easy to understand) chart, graph, or infographic.

Some specific ideas for images that will speak to potential patients on Facebook include:

  • Pictures of you with your happy, healing patients. When we see a picture of someone smiling, our brain lights up as if we’re smiling ourselves. Pictures of you with patients looking confident, happy, healthy, relieved, etc. will inspire the same feelings in every prospective patient who sees your post. Make sure you get HIPAA waivers and permission to publicly share photos of your patients, of course!
  • Funny selfies. Remember, you’re the star of your practice and your Facebook page. Patients want to see , especially in a way that makes you seem approachable and engaging. Don’t do anything that would undermine their confidence in you as a careful medical professional, but light-hearted selfies are the perfect way to show the human side of your healthcare practice.
  • Photos of your office. Show patients what they’ll be treated to when they come in for a visit. New waiting room amenities, new equipment, new paintjobs—anytime you make a change, you have a few new photos to post to Facebook.
  • Pictures of the office staff. Again, patients want to see the human side of your practice. Use Facebook as a chance to give them a preview of the friendly faces they meet when they come in for their appointment, and patients will be that much more likely to pick up the phone and get on your schedule.

Other Posts to Grow Your Practice’s Facebook Presence

Photos and other images may make for the most immediately engaging posts on Facebook, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

An effective social media strategy for any medical practice needs to go deeper, providing useful health-related information to prospective patients. Answer questions, inspire confidence, and show them what a valuable addition you’d be to their life and well-being.

Blog, News and Treatments

If you’re posting a regular blog about the conditions you treat, the procedures you use, and your perspective as a medical professional—and you should be—each of those posts should be posted to your Facebook page and other social media profiles.

New pages you add to your site for different diseases and disorders can also be turned into Facebook posts. This can all be easily automated, too, so publishing your blog/new web pages automatically generates a Facebook post.

Get Ahead of Competitors With Video

Video content is also huge on social media, with some research finding that video posts on Facebook have 135% higher organic reach than posts with photos. Short clips of you and your staff in the office, 2-3 minute videos where you explain the basics of an illness, a preventative healthcare treatment, or more advanced procedures. Even videos of procedures themselves can all be Facebook gold.

Share Your Favorite Stories From the Internet

Finally, you can share media from other sources that provides relevant (and trustworthy!) health news and information. A couple quick clicks, and your Facebook page will be populated with plenty of valuable insights from top-tier sources, intermingling with your own advice and images to give patients top-notch confidence in your skills.

And that’s all but guaranteed to win you new referrals and new patients.

Garrett Smith

Garrett is the Founder, and Chief Marketer at InboundMD. Garrett has been successfully leading internet marketing campaigns for health care practices across the US for almost a decade. He's a frequent speaker at events, and author of "Book Now! Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices", and the host of The Practice Marketing Podcast that details how successful practices are winning online.

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