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Patience With Patients: Choosing The Right Phone System

This is the second part in our series about phone systems for doctors offices. Click here to read Part I, Part III, and Part IV.

There are great resources online when it comes to selecting and buying a new phone system.

Any phone system provider out there worth their salt will provide a guaranteed level of quality and uptime and it’s important that these considerations aren’t brushed aside or taken for granted.

Make sure you take careful consideration to the Quality of Service (QoS) that is offered when picking a provider.

Of course while researching the internet for a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system provider, you will be doing the same thing your prospective patients do when they are searching for a doctor or surgeon these days.

Attention to the type of results you get from your searches (i.e. “hosted” or “premise” results for phone system searches versus “hip” or “hand” surgeon results from patient searches), your level of comfort, and the speed at which you find what you need play a huge role in how all decisions, including medical, are made today.

Whether you’re searching for a phone system for your medical office, or a patient is searching for a doctor, you both have at least some things in common:

  • Look and Feel: Do you feel confident that you’ve landed in the right spot? You’re more likely to feel comfortable with a phone system provider that has a high quality, intuitive, and responsive website. Go with your gut when you’re narrowing down your choices.
  • Active Participation: When comparing respective vendors (or private practices) consumers prefer companies that have a well maintained and active online reputation.

Don’t Be Intimidated

On one hand there are a lot of details involved with supporting and installing a new VoIP system. And because of the cost and complexity, your phone system is not something to take lightly.

On the other hand, these days it’s entirely possible to self-install and maintain a modern phone system with only a small amount of technical and IT prowess.

  • Do research
  • Ask for help when you think you might have found a fit for your practice
  • Take note of what both your phone and web experience is like when interacting with potential solutions

Choosing quality equipment, quality IP phones, quality headsets, and a quality hosted VoIP or SIP trunking provider has never been cheaper or easier!

Not to mention that it’s also a necessity to running an operationally efficient practice. So really there’s no excuse to not have updated your practice’s phone system in the past 5-6 years.

The telecommunication industry has never been more competitive so there a lot of really good options available.

It’s a consumers market so with good research and negotiation, the cost of changing your equipment will normally pay for itself within 12 months.

Check back for my next post about coordinating specific phone numbers with your website pages so that patients can easily get the help that they need.

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