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Announcing Blog Post Series And Downloadable EBook About Doctor Review Websites

InboundMD is announcing an 11 post blog series reviewing the top doctor and medical practice review sites.

At the end of the series we’ll release our free downloadable eBook:

How to Craft a Formidable Personal Statement for Your Review Site Profile

We’ll be publishing the posts once a week over the next couple of months.

The series will focus on the online review sites that your patients and potential patients are visiting to learn more about your practice, the services you offer, and the level of care that you provide.

Some of the reviews are about sites that you’re already familiar with such as:

The other reviews include these directories and online resources that you may not have considered for your practice but, they are just as important to the success of your online presence:

Whether or not you already have a profile on any of sites, the InboundMD reviews will tell you what to look for, what’s important, what’s not important, and how to optimize your profile to attract patients and provide accurate information.

One Reason to Pay Attention to the InboundMD Review Series

If there’s only one thing that you take away from this series is that you need to watch out for the review sites that let anyone create a profile about you.

For some of these sites, if a patient wants to leave a review about a doctor and how well they were treated, they simply need to enter in some basic information.

So if you’re not paying attention to your online profile, responding to reviews, and updating office hours and locations then, who is?

In the meantime, as we begin rolling out our review posts, you can get started with these resources:

As online reviews become more important to the health of your healthcare practice, there’s increasingly been some confusion, gray area, and frustration.

Stay tuned for our series on how to navigate these sites that doctors either love, hate, or love to hate.

Garrett Smith

Garrett is the Founder, and Chief Marketer at InboundMD. Garrett has been successfully leading internet marketing campaigns for health care practices across the US for almost a decade. He's a frequent speaker at events, and author of "Book Now! Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices", and the host of The Practice Marketing Podcast that details how successful practices are winning online.

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