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6 Steps To Protecting Your Healthcare Practice’s Online Reputation (INFOGRAPHIC)

In our last infographic we explained what doctors must know about their online reputation.

From getting your own personal website to brand yourself, Google’ing your name to see what comes up (and asking yourself if you’re happy with the results), and why it’s necessary to take control of your online reputation so that you don’t lose any potential or even referral patients.

Now that you know why it’s important to care about your online reputation here are the steps to safeguard it.

We outline 6 steps to follow to protect your online reputation. Use this as your playbook and eventually you’ll be monitoring your online rep regularly, as a natural part of your everyday business practices like paying the bills. Because you don’t ever want to be in a situation where you’re losing patients to competitors simply because online they’re perceived to be more reputable.

Online reviews and directory listings may not seem that important but they play a crucial role in maintaining a steady flow of patients choosing you over somebody else and ultimately that’s what keeps the lights on.

Check out our 6 steps to protecting your online reputation infographic below and feel free to share it with the embed code included at the bottom.

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how to protect your online reputation

Garrett Smith

Garrett is the Founder, and Chief Marketer at InboundMD. Garrett has been successfully leading internet marketing campaigns for health care practices across the US for almost a decade. He's a frequent speaker at events, and author of "Book Now! Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices", and the host of The Practice Marketing Podcast that details how successful practices are winning online.

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