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3 Ways Doctors Can Get Involved In Their Community (and Earn A Few Links Along The Way)

For any health or medical practice, being involved and well known in their local community is important… And often times your offline efforts can also have a big impact on your results online.

Here are five things you can do to get out in your community and spread the word about your clinic and even earn some links that will drive your search rankings.

Remember, good marketing is good SEO!

1. Join the Chamber of Commerce


How it helps Offline Marketing

  • Create awareness of your practice amongst other businesses and your community.
  • Communities are reliant upon medical establishments and joining your local chamber provides funding for events that they sponsor.
  • Membership is typically low cost (for example in my hometown of Orchard Park, NY membership starts at $185.00 per year).

And also helps Online SEO…

  • Cooperation among members of the business community will give you relationships that will help offline through word-of-mouth, and online through your practice profile on “members” and ”events” pages.
  • Even if you don’t have time to attend events, the value of the link you get from the chamber website pays dividends when search engines like Google rank your website higher for patient searches related to your practice or specialty.

2. Sponsor Annual Local Events and Festivals


How it helps Offline Marketing

  • Create awareness of your services by sponsor community festivals (“Taste Of…”), county fairs, or city events. Sponsors often lend goodwill from the purpose of the event, especially charity related ones.
  • Get your practice recognized by setting up a tent or booth and giving away free toothbrushes, contact your favorite local restaurant or food truck and tell them you’ll sponsor a special “Dr. Smith Salad” and in exchange for offering it to their customers you cover part of their costs.

And also helps Online SEO…

  • These events are typically covered by local media, especially if you can put something creative together, getting your practice mentioned on newspaper and broadcast network websites, is highly valued by search engines.

3. Sponsor Little League Teams


How it helps Offline Marketing

  • These are tremendous opportunities to show the community that you care, and provide tremendous value to your practice brand. Parents need health services as do their children and like McDonald’s has taught us there is such a thing as a lifetime customer.
  • Donation levels are typically very affordable (especially at the little league level) and create a lot of character awareness which builds trust. This is true of just about any level of athletics, from travel teams, to Triple-A.

And also helps Online SEO…

  • A link to your website on the “sponsors” page of a local little league website is considered highly valuable to local search engine rankings, even if their website is poorly designed and not optimized!
  • Any blogs or content on the team’s website that links back to your practice increases the number of links pointing to your website, which further increases your rankings.

4. High School Athletics Team Volunteer


How it helps Offline Marketing

  • Helping to prevent and treat injuries, not only helps your local sports team with more wins, it is also an opportunity to engage with parents and their children who may need chiropractic care, or medical treatment for any number of injuries such as a sore tooth or tendon repair.

And also helps Online SEO…

  • Mentions of practitioners on school websites, or online publications of school newspapers is a signal to search engines that you are valued in your community.
  • The resulting link to your website that is included in these articles provides search engines with evidence of your geography and is an endorsement on the quality of your business; both of which are very important to Google Maps local search results.

5 .Contribute Editorial


How it helps Offline Marketing

  • Offer your professional opinion on the latest surgical treatment to an online or offline publication to provide value to, and gain acknowledgement from their readerships.
  • Provide information to media outlets about events or charities that you sponsoring by encouraging them to cover and participate in it.

And also helps Online SEO…

  • Any mention of you or your practice, through online (or offline) media demonstrates engagement with your profession.
  • Because these websites hold high authority and typically have large, local audiences it provides further validation to Google that your practice and the treatments you provide are something that searchers are looking for, and as a result boost your website rankings.


InboundMD Practice Marketers Can Help!

Don’t do all the heavy lifting alone.

These are just a few examples of successes Inbound has had with practice’s that we work with every day. Many other strategies exist, and though there is certainly a level of prioritization and practicality to marketing your practice in this way, what counts (both offline, and online) is that the effort is genuine and commitments are authentic. Doing so will give you a tremendous advantage when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.
Promotion of your practice through community involvement may seem difficult given constraints on a medical professionals’ limited time and money, to solve this problem InboundMD practice marketers use a proven system optimized to provide cost effective results, and includes guidance of best practices.

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